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This is a one (1) year programme that enables students to understand the importance of health education in the community. The aim of this programme is to produce sound minded healthcare workers who will be able to reach out to the under-served communities with quality primary healthcare programmes, which will eventually improve the healthcare system in Namibia. On completion of this programme, students will be able to work in various healthcare settings which include Non-Governmental Organisations, Community Based Organisations, old age homes, private hospitals, private companies etc. Due to the fact that this programme is NQF Level 4 Certificate course, interested students are able to take up nursing training such as Enrolled Nursing Science, in other health institutions, for further learning.


This is a six (6) months programme that enable the student to understand basic nursing care. On completion of this training, students are able to work in various private healthcare organizations such as old age homes, private hospitals etc. This programme can also be the beginning of your nursing career, especially, for the students who does not have the required Grade Points to study nursing or are Grade 10 leavers. Therefore, upon completion of this programme, you can apply for an Auxiliary Nursing course in other nursing institutions.



Childcare programme is a four (4) weeks short course that enable students to understand how to take good care of children and a home, in general. During this training, you will learn various subjects that have been designed to help you build up your confidence, these will enable you to work with children in childcare setting. Some of the subjects includes hygiene, household care, healthy eating, safety etc. Upon completion of this training, students are able to work as a nanny, childcare assistant, etc.


Nowadays, many companies prefer to hire a trained cleaning personnel which is why cleaning service training is very important. This is a four (4) weeks short course that enable students to understand basic cleaning principles and also teach students the importance of time management. During this course, subjects that will be covered include safe use of chemicals, cleaning hard and resilient surfaces, good professional image, etc. Upon completion of this course, students are able to work in any setting such as schools, private and public properties, non-governmental organizations, manufacturing companies etc.

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